Becoming an exercise to music instructor

An exercise to music instructor will teach, usually on a freelance basis, in fitness clubs and gyms teaching an array of classes each week. Classes can vary and will depend on the qualifications each instructor has. In this article we will look at the qualifications needed, the work you will be doing and what an employer will be looking for. Continue reading

Why Boxers Often Need Rhinoplasty After FIghts

It is often reported that top boxers undergo plastic surgery to repair minor damage to their faces in the aftermath of a fight drawn out over many rounds. It is understandable that they incur minor disfigurements to the front of their heads given the number of times they are struck during protracted contests. The nose, with its soft tissue, is particularly vulnerable, and so boxer’s noses often need rhinoplasty work done on them during the boxers recover period.

Other forms of combat sports present dangers of disfigurement to other areas of the body. wrestlers, for example, can suffer from something called “cauliflower ear”, after many years of matches in which their ears get gripped and pulled downwards by opponents. There is no equivalent to rhinoplasty surgery for this condition – the fluid must be drained from the back of the ear with a syringe after each match to prevent the wrestler developing the condition later in life.

But you might be wondering: why do boxer’s noses get so badly knocked out of shape during fights? Aren’t they supposed to Continue reading

The Gym Instructor Course

The popular level 2 gym instructor course is the backbone of the fitness industry… a stepping stone that all fitness professionals must leap if they are to progress in their career. Many trainers skip this part of their career as they do not like to start at the bottom – they simply obtain the qualification and jump straight into a personal training role as they do not believe that they will make enough money from a gym instructor role. This is where they are wrong – I believe that all personal trainers should start from the bottom and I will tell you why. Continue reading

Personal Training – A Smart Career Choice

So I am currently a dedicated marketing student at Bournemouth University who has made it through the hardships of first and second year – I am now enrolled on my placement year and have been forced to work a 9 to 5 business job on an expenses only salary. I am not trying to moan but this is not financially viable for me, as unlike the abundance of current UK students I do not receive any financial aid from my parents – I am a self provider, and proud of it. Starting the role as Marketing Assistant I was trying to think of part time jobs I could do in my own time, evenings and weekends that would not eat up too much time and help pay the bills. I got worrying because I have always attended the gym and Continue reading